Scenographic design

'Tussen dagdroom en Utopie'
director: Ton Lutz
scenographic design: Fer Smidt
lighting design: Fer Smidt
De Rode Hoed, Amsterdam, 27th december 1994
De Meervaart, Amsterdam, 29th december 1994

The 10th storytell-festival in Amsterdam, a festival concerning the art of telling stories. The festival is spread over several theaters throughout the city. I was responsible for the design of the 'Rode Hoed', an old church in the center of Amsterdam. 
In the direction of Ton Lutz, several people in the age between 10 to 80 years told stories based on their diaries.
I chose a situation where all speakers where visible, each sitting on a chair which related to their age and lifestyle.
The lighting was used to make changes from each storyteller to a grand piano for musical intermezzi played by Joop van Dijk.