Breaking the Silence
Annemarie Prins

In April/May 2012 I worked in Kigali on the Rwandese version of  "Breaking the Silence".

In February 2009 this play was originally created in Phnom Penh and is based on stories about the genocide in the Pol Pot period in Cambodia. The text and direction are by Annemarie Prins. I designed a portable stage that could travel around villages trough Cambodia.

In Rwanda this production was performed with the addition of two Rwandese actors.
I designed a new set and adjustments to the original costume design.

“Breaking the Silence” Cambodian Version
Company: Amrita
Premiere: 21st February 2009, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.



“Breaking the Silence” Rwandese Version
Company: Radio La Benevolencija HTF
Premiere: 8th April 2012, Kigali, Rwanda