Duo d'Amour
Offenbach / von Suppé

L'Ille de Tulipatan
Jacques Offenbach

Die schöne Galathée
Franz von Suppé

This production was a double-bill  produced by Opera Trionfo in 2004 wich premiered in Haarlem, The Netherlands. “L'Ille de Tulipatan” is a Komische Oper in einem Akt by Jacques Offenbach. The origine of the story is placed in India. The design is based on the exotic images of this country.
On the other hand “Die schöne Galathée” by Franz von Suppé, an operetta in two acts is placed in modern times. The story is about an artist falling in love in his sculpture, based on a Greek story.
For this production I designed the sets and costumes. The director was David Prins, and the conductor Paul Prenen.

L'Ille de Tulipatan by Jacques Offenbach


Die schöne Galathée by Franz von Suppé

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