Thom Lowenthal

The wonderful fishing
opera in one act
composer: Thom Lowenthal
libretto: Maarten Vonder after Maarten Biesheuvel
direction : Johnny Kuiper
design and graphic design: Fer Smidt
production: Jurrien Loman
company: Amsterdams theaterkoor/orkest
premiere: Paradiso, Amsterdam 13th September 1987

For this small, low-budget opera production I used a linoleum-cutting of a fish bone as a logo. It related to the prominent 4,5 meters long fishbone that was placed above the set, which I also designed. As a symbol it stood for transistorizes in a small Dutch fishing village.

The costumes are all based on Dutch historical clothing from sea-villages as Marken and Vlissingen.
All the accessories that make these costumes so recognizable, as well as the male and female, are made of paper and are very graphical interpretated.