Scenographic design

scenographic design: Fer Smidt
lighting design: Fer Smidt
De Rode Hoed, Amsterdam, 11th september 1993

This was a conceptual design for the great theatre hall of De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam during a poetry festival. I chose a diagonal setting, because there was only one entrance and people would be walking in and out during performances. This idea made it possible to do so without disturbing performers and public. All balconies, which were not accessible to public, were changed into dark skies with silver stars. Instead of bouquets of flowers the stage was covered with small glass cubes filled with waterlillies. The lighting design made it possible to change the hall in different atmospheres; from a sunny lake with waterlillies to a dark night with bright stars. Participants on this day where; Adriaan Morrien, Marjon Brandsma, Simon Vinkenoog, Judith Hertzberg, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Doris Baaten and others.