Pier Francesco Cavalli 

opera in three acts
composer: Pier Francesco Cavalli (1602 - 1676)
libretto: Giovanni Faustini
first performance: Venice 1644
direction: Javier López Piñón
conductor: Kenneth Montgomery
costume design: Fer Smidt (ass.: Wessel Boelen, Rene ten Zeldam, Olave Kersten)
set and lighting design: Henk Kraayenzank, make-up design: Pilo Pilkes
production: Marijke Reuvers
company: Koninklijk Conservatorium, Den Haag
premiere: Kees van Baarenzaal, Den Haag, 12th June 1995


costume design for Erisbe

Plot: Erisbe feels trapped in her marriage to an aged king, and plays with the emotions of Ormindo and Amida until Amida's previous beloved, Sicle, reveals that he has abandoned her. Confronted with the darker side of love, Erisbe cleaves to Ormindo. They elope, but are captured; furius, the king sentences them to death by poison. Amida rediscovers his passion for Sicle through her nurse's clever piece of stage management (a theatrical convention); Ormindo and Erisbe find they have been given a sleeping draught instead of a poison (another convention); the king forgives them and offers Ormindo his throne.

The three Cavalli opera's (la Calisto, l'Ormindo, l'Egisto) I did with the director Javier Lopez Pinon were all designed on the same concept. As a trilogy we decided to use the following components; sub-titels, video, caractures for each role and a modern way to show baroque-machinery. In this way we tried to convince the audience of the fun that is inside these baroque opera's and their mythological stories.