Unknown, Addaption: Hein Ceelen

"Lanseloet van Denemarken" 
direction: Hein Ceelen
set, lighting  and graphic design: Fer Smidt
costume design: Judith vd. Berg
photography: Pan Sok
company: Het Monument
premiere: Cirkeltheater, Sittard 1992


'Lanseloet van Denemarken' is one of the first Dutch theatrical texts in writing (14th century). In those days it was performed in the open air at year markets or other festivities on town squares. All the roles were acted by men, women were not allowed to play theatre. This historical fact gave us the idea to play it in the same way as in the middle ages, but now for a young public inside their school. We decided to work with two male actors, just as the play originally was written, including all the costume chances within sight.

The players performed on a circle of green grass, each having his own side with props and technical possibilities to change lighting and sound (also songs were included). The audience was sitting around this circle. In this way everyone was aware of every aspect what makes theatre a true story of believe.