Odon von Horvath

text : Odon von Horvath
set design and costume design: Fer Smidt

School of arts, Utrecht, 1989

Odon von Horvath wrote 'Kasimir and Karoline' during the 1930's. It's a tale about two lovers lost in a corrupted world in Germany, when Hitler was a rising star. Horvath situated this play at an October fair in Munich. Since it could be right now, I situated the story in a mixture of fair and disco. Thus it takes place in a time that could be 90's as well as the 30's. This setting is like a box of fun, placed in a field of black coal. The box of fun is a disco-like fair, an in fluor colors tainted playhouse (is it for lust or just for money!). And the parking lot around this fun-fair, which Horvath describes, I designed as a black coal metaphor. It cracks under your feet, deals are made but everyone just looks up at the sky. It's a zeppelin !