Pier Francesco Cavalli

composer: Pier Francesco Cavalli (1602-1676)
libretto: Giovanni Faustini
worldpremiere: Venice, Sant' Apollinare, 1651

conductor: Kenneth Montgomery
direction: Javier López Piñón
costume design: Fer Smidt
set- and lighting design: Henk Kraayenzank
company: Koninklijk Conservatorium
premiere: Kees van Baarenzaal, Den Haag 6th June 1992


Prologue, costumes for Natura, Eternita and Destino.

The three Cavalli opera's (la Calisto, l'Ormindo, l'Egisto) I did with the director Javier Lopez Pinon were all designed on the same concept. As a trilogy we decided to use the following components; sub-titels, video, charactures for each role and a modern way to show baroc-machinery. In this way we tried to convince the audiance of the fun that is inside these baroc opera's and their mythological stories.